put some spring in yer fling

i don't know about you but i am over it. 

this winter has proven to be really hard in the viral department here at anderhaus.

fiona has been sick with a tummy bug for FIVE days. 

i'll spare you the details but suffice it to say she is not herself and her light is just out. 

as a mom that is really hard to watch. 

and to top it off i woke up this morning with pink eye. 

yes pink eye. 

so i am over it. like over it over it. 

to say i am ready for spring and warmth and windows open and little sprouting flowers and bees and even that disgusting georgia pollen would be a gross understatement. 


i have rounded up some perfectly springy items for the home just because. 

because that's a good place to bring a little spring in your fling. 

and what else was i gonna do while watching 2 barbie dvd's and countless episodes of littlest pet shop? 

it's nice to bring in some colorful accessories to liven up the joint instead of killing people with your bare hands. i don't know how you people up north buried in 3 feet of snow do it. i think i would move. new york can't be that awesome. 


yellow/white/gray painted dresser |  banana pillow |  aqua leather sofa |  lamp |  rug |  rocker |  tassel curtains (i'm partial to those yellow ones) |  pink and blue side table |  vintage art deco print |  marfa boudoir pillow |  peachy pink fouta towels |  art glass water glasses |  woven table runner |  bamboo-style tea cart 

serena and lily is offering free shipping with the last day for that being TODAY. so if you want that rocker, it ships free. that's a deal right there. 


i wish i had a pirate eye patch because i would totally wear it to the grocery store right now.