1. i'm trying to work on my pillow game. 

i get confused by pillows. 

i am thinking these for my sofa.

i am over the kilim pillow trend myself so anything but that. 


2.  warmth.


it's about all i can think about anymore.

already planning my spring garden. 

roses, black pansies, invasive vines (the more invasive the better. think grey gardens post menopause), painted gates, and trimmed hedges. 


3. new biscuit bedding

bailey and her biscuit team have created 2 new prints to add to their already awesome collection of bedding. 

bloomsbury (shown above) in green and in pink



i honestly love them both absolutely equally. 


and finally.. 

5. take me here. (seriously mike. take me here.)

the bahamas are a 2 hour flight away from me.

tomorrow's high is 73. the low is 70. 

i'd stay here

or here.  (tom scheerer's house)



have a fantastic weekend!

stay warm and healthy. 

spring is coming. spring is coming. spring is coming.