i'll give you a minute to take that in. 

i'm thinking that it smells a lot like orange blossom and money there. 

and possibly bain de soleil. 


when i was a kid i used to spell out, with my pointer finger the words i was thinking in my head on the side of my leg.

until i was aware i was doing it. or someone noticed and asked, "what in the world are you doing?". then i'd stop, and judge myself one weird fucker. 

i think i did this when i felt stress. 

i thought about this quirk (OCD) the other day and how i didn't think i did it anymore.

FACT: i do.

i did it this morning, on my way home from taking fiona to school.


this is of course apropos of nothing.

i just thought i'd share.

i'd be psyched if any of you did this.


if not pants spelling certainly something. 


also notable: 


1. this eye roll-on:

i got this a target the other day and think it's great. 

it's got a metal ball at the opening and you squeeze up the clear gel and roll it under your eyes.

it has hyaluronic acid in it which is great for firming up and filling in. 

plus it's cold even without refrigeration which feels REALLY good around your eyes in the morning. 


2. have you seen this hawaiian vacation home?

the bathrooms with the tile all the way onto the ceiling? dead. 


3. kung pao brussels sprouts?!



4. an oral history of the facts of life. because TOOTIE4EVER. 


5. my friend danielle has some new juju hats listed on ebay.

half the price of what you usually see these things listed at. 

this blue one


6. my friend leah has a great new-ish shop on etsy.

she has a great eye. i love this little folk art painting

go favorite it so that you can keep up to date on new additions. 


7. THIS makes me purr. 

and finally..

8. this book..

i can't put it down.

i non stop ugly cried through the first 37 pages.