i am painting a lot on paper these days. pooling the paint first, letting it meander. hitting it with forceful sprays of water. watching it change. perhaps not so patiently. splattering it with contrasting colors. then layering over heavy globs of paint, smearing it with old brushes and sometimes brand new soft brushes. then finally going in and messing it all up. the challenge for me is to still have a meaningful composition, not totally random but not neat and perfect either.  (see southern charm and june bug)


this hoop art. and this one. and this one


buffalo check. in rose


i need a spring trench. don't you? 


it's already time for cutoffs here


boob balloons. 


this house in NY magazine. 


this frida candle.  have you seen bailey's country house yet? 


a few years ago i decided to paint my closet from piss cream to ANYTHING other than that. 

i had some aqua paint samples lying around so i mixed them all together and decided it was 1000 times worse.

opening my closet was like walking into an asylum from 1953.

i am currently painting it hot pink. this pink to be exact. inspired by this closet.  


alexa chung is stylish and has great taste in shoes. i'm convinced that if i just tried half as much as she did i'd look pretty fucking great. 


did you know that hydrangeas were my favorite flower? any color. 


a wall of portraits seems like a good idea. on an eggplant purple wall even better. 


i am one cucumber away from this ginger cucumber gin fizz


i wandered into a junk shop here not too long ago and stumbled upon that exact hydrangea light. the price was $150. i was this close to nabbing it but felt like $150 was too high. 

now who's high?!?


celerie kemble's domincan beach house is pretty spectacular. 


and finally, it's wednesday. don't forget your hustle.