what i am doing

you may have noticed my shop is empty. this is because i am changing things up a bit. 

i was getting kind of bored with filling up my shop like a bakery out of donuts.

i.e. time to make the donuts.

it's REALLY uninspiring.

so i've decided to try something new.


i am going to treat my shop more like an online gallery. 

only i intend to not leave paintings in there for infinity, rather for a limited time.

this could be a few days, this could be a month. i really don't know.

and because i do rely on my art as my primary source of income i am not entirely sure how that will work out. but i DO know that the prospect of this is exciting to me. 

i intend to show works that are inspired by someTHING or THINGS...such as a color or a mood or movie or a song or a carrot. there could be 3 in the series or 33. again, i don't know.

i will share the story of the inspiration with each release of new works.

what do you think?

this just feels more special to me.

like an experience to be had by everyone.

one part fine art one part performance art. 

on this date in time artists, be it painter, actor, writer, director, singer, musician, decorator etc..are really able to do "it" for themselves.  we don't need to rely on anyone else to get our stuff out there and we are able to do our art how we see fit and how we want to express. 

kind of amazing. 


i aim to offer prints that will remain in the shop and i am not exactly sure which ones but i think i will grab 1 or 2 from each series and offer those. again, the ideas are swimming in my brain and i just need to nail it down.

but that's why i am taking these next few weeks and really examining all the things.

i should ask you this:

in terms of prints, what kinds of prints are you looking for?

little ones you can pop on a gallery wall? large canvas style ones? 

i'd love to know exactly what the vast majority of you are looking for in a print. 


i aim to share my inspiration here as it's striking. 

nothing new there. pretty sure i've been doing that all along.

but i plan on being more focused with it. i've already amassed a healthy folder full of images that have struck me in one way or another. i also plan on going on what i have been calling an "inspiration walkabout". you'll find me on instagram using #inspirationwalkabout.

i will walk it out. i will museum it out. i will dance it out and i will fart it out. one way or another i am going to tap into the furthest recesses of my creative soul to bring you something inspired.