i wouldn't go so far as to say "obsessed". but i would definitely say obsessed. 

southern charm is special to me because i am 82% southern.

(10% midwestern, 4% cherokee, 2% flower, 2% milk)


the true star of the show is patricia and her house. 

specifically this yellow room...


in this image the yellow is less than perfect for me. it reads more corn than lemon.


this image seems to be more accurate (or how i want it to be in real life)..

in any case it seems to be closer to what i saw on my HD TV last night. 

i can't stop thinking about it. anyone have a clue what paint color it is?

i love its nerve paired with all those antiques and traditional furnishings. 


i love this yellow when it's paired with peach and green. 

the whole house is spectacular. 

you can see more here



how gross is thomas ravenel?

the MOST. 


watch full episodes here.