hope you all had a great weekend.

i was unusually disgruntled ("not unusual" -mike) because it was brrr.

i am also right around an elephant's birthweight due to the banana bread stuffed with chocolate chips i made, ate and finished off.

but i am not all doom and gloom and corpulence...

good things are here, and good things are on the horizon.

i'm talking about TV SHOWS. 



first let's talk about this..

who's watching this masterpiece?

i am only on episode 5 and i am spellbound.

this guy. i don't believe a word he says.

i'm like a mother who can smell the lies. 

that said i am only 5 episodes in so a lot of the mystery is still just that. 

i hope he doesn't start to hoodwink me like he has everyone else. 

this one is hard not to watch in binge mode.


outlander is back this coming saturday night!

not ashamed to admit my giddiness. 


and on sunday...

just look at them!

i have missed them all so much. 

suffice it to say mad men has been my all time favorite tv show of all time ever. 

they way they cut this season down the middle and aired the first half like 400 months ago brought me great sadness. i can't even remember what happened in the last episode.

i will be watching on apple tv this week to play catch up.


last night call the midwife came back and that's just a slice of sugary sweet pie with a side of strong coffee. unrelentingly sentimental. and yet i find myself sucked in every single time i tune in. i think i am just a sucker for a period drama. (but not period drama)


and in TWO weeks...

holy mother of dragons i am excited. 

last season was the first season it truly sucked me in and made me it's bitch.

i followed 80% of the storyline last season instead of the usual 30%. 


am i missing anything?

what else is coming back that i forgot about?

or...what else should i be watching that i don't know about?!!!