you guys downton!


i guess i first have to preface ALL of this with how awesome and spectacular it's been not feeling any pressure to recap this season. 

i have thoroughly enjoyed it the way i did during season 1.

just watching it and clutching my pearls.

i sat in no judgement. (well, marginal judgement)

i turned into a sweet little old lady who giggled when the dowager did.

rather than the jaded twat writing jokes in her head for a recap. 

UGH! the pressure totally gone. 


the christmas episode. OY.

i cried a lot. like a bitch. 

where do i begin?!

everything made me cry. 

the size of the tree made me cry. 

it was just so fucking glorious. 

who has a tree like that??!!!

the crawleys. that's who.


in fact the only thing i hated was/is bates.

i am done with bates. 

can we just melt bates down into gold for mrs. hughes to have something when she retires?


here's what i wish for the anna and bates story:

go away.

not in a mean way. i don't want anything to happen to the human ray of sunshine.

just bates. for i can't look at him anymore. 

i just want them to retire and live in their cottage and have babies and go away.

i don't even want to see him limping through town. because whenever i look at his face i just see a murder scheme happening. and i am done with murder. i am done with bates. 


ok back to all that i love. love love. loved.

pretty much EVERYTHING.


mary's edith slams, eye rolls and epic eyebrow arches. most epic when mathew goode comes to brancaster to spray mary with the scent of balls, hot rods and pomade.


thomas's classic thomas burns. seriously, he was on fire this episode. when he tells bates "we can't have you wobbly at both ends". dead. 


donk embracing edith's sin baby. more crying. 


tom filling out his tweed in all the right places whilst shooting the grouses. grouz? and just generally being tom. 


rose saving sindermort's ass. no one loves a ridiculously unrealistic wrap up more than julian fellowes. or me. really, the less realistic the better sometimes. how can lady sinderby me so smart and yet so dumb? or maybe she is smart but she gives no fucks because CASTLE LIFE. 


molesley and baxter aka cagney and lacey. 




denker's busted broth.

(how bad can broth be? no really- it's water, meat bones and veggie scraps. pretty hard to fuck up. throw it in a pot and walk away.)


donk's use of the word 'tummy'. 


the mary-tom-edith christmas talent show.


donk getting dronk at christmas and bursting in all dronk on isobel and violet being BFF's.

ugh. these two. they are the light of our lives. whether escaping into the most beautiful english garden in england to have tea and read letters or to roll their eyes over broth-gate, these two are a national treasure. bring on the best exotic marigold anything. i'll watch because these ladies are amazing. 


and finally...


it made my heart burst into a million fragments of heart parts and those fragments melted into a puddle of ugly cry tears. 

wasn't it the most perfect episode ever? 

well apart from bates showing up with that murder face at the end and whispering with his hot murder breath HAPPY CHRISTMAS in anna's ear. 


this episode gave me several shades of the waltons and that's ok. 

who doesn't like the fucking waltons?!

i want a show like this to make me feel like i'm made of pink icing sugar. 

i want to disappear into it every sunday. 

i want to be the arch in mary's left eyebrow.

if i wanted fucked up crazies i'd watch house of cards. 


where will next season take us? 

tom is leaving. 

or is he? i need theories people. because tom can't go. he just can't. 

will the dowager die this season? 

i've heard it's maggie smith's last. i've heard it's the last season period. 

how will they end it?

will prince kuragin be back? do we want him back? 

let's face it- if choosing between this show ending next season and all the stories wrapping up just the way i want them to or for downton to go on until fonzie and mary jump a shark together i will choose that motherfucking shark show. 


talk to me.