hi thanks

lots of thanks for all of your favorite blog friends. 

i am most appreciative. 

particularly for this one.


new things...

it's becoming more evident to me as i continue working as an artist that i LOVE making marks.

more of this in the shop soon.



this memphis inspired piece is going in robert passal's vignette for housing works' design on a dime benefit in NYC in a few weeks.

if you're able to check that out you should. 

wish i could. 


hung some of my own art in my house. 

do you move art around your house like a maniac?

i do. 


fiona won't stop growing. despite my wishes to stop time.



need to do more cardio but think crossfit is to exercise what scientology is to religion?

can't run because BOOBS?

hate gyms?

dance cardio make you punch stuff because you are terribly terribly uncoordinated? 

well then you are just like me!

and you need this dvd and this rebounder.


good talk. ok bye.