i want to please start a new house. 

for me, the home i make and the way i decorate is largely based on the type of home it is.

when it was built, the architecture, floors, ceiling height etc...

but whatever that is i want it to register somewhere around here-

beachy. casual. euro. farmhouse. lots of white. mint green. books. sisal. washable. windows. trees. fireplace that burns actual wood. open living space. wickers. patina. a bird on a stick. a converted attic.  

i am trying to be content with things and relax like a NORMAL. to just be grateful for the fact that i have a roof over my head. it's kind of working. i mean i've calmed down about things a little. and by calmed down i mean i haven't bought anything for the house in quite some time. 

but i walk around my kitchen cursing the cabinets that are crooked and don't stay shut without rubber bands and the faucet that. always. seems. to. break. and the phantom poop smell that comes out of nowhere from a mysterious plumbing issue that NO ONE has figured out in the past 7 years we've lived here. and i cringe every time i pull past our house at the peeling paint. 


i want to make changes that aren't just pillows, paint and upholstery.

i want my dream kitchen. i'm ready for it even. 

but renting is like someone walking by and knocking your kitchen dream basket out of your hand and then pooping in it. 


so i am putting it out there that i am ready to make a house change. 

ready to rip out a bathroom sink and replace it with this

ready to rip up bushes that suck.


fix it jesus.