a couple of things...


this bag.

i'm proud of it.

i pop into h&m like it's my job.

i usually walk away with something good for next to nothing.

like this black shopper.

it looks a lot richer in person and it cost me $25.

what i love about it apart from the lines is how open it is.

i can reach in and grab what i need without feeling like i am searching the abyss. 



do you suffer sinus drama?

i recently had a bad head cold that turned into a nightmare head cold.

i am sure it was compounded by the terrible pollen and airborne particles that spring barfs up here in atlanta. 

i stumbled upon this article and was like SHIT, THIS IS USEFUL INFORMATION!!!!!

if you have sinus drama you really have to read it. 


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and finally,

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thank you and have a great weekend!!