these are wednesday things

i am not usually one for flower paintings. i find most of them twee. but somehow these are just slightly absurd enough to make me, dare i say...swoon?

the globs of paint, the way some of them seem almost grotesque. i find it all very attractive.

carmelo blandino is the artist, and there are gobs more to see. something for everyone really. 


this house in the april issue of elle decor UK:


it's in copenhagen and it belongs to ditte lamptey. 

these images are from another publication. not sure which. 

i'm impressed with the way she balanced all that serious wood with pink, red, green and blue walls. very impressed. 


also, RHONY ok?

"would you be upset if you woke up and there was a strange person sleeping next to you?" 

"not really."

 this show completes me.