new art, a cool blog, prints and buttholes

got some new things in the shop.

they are currently all on display on one wall in my house and i really like it.

i see them in a comfy family room. they are happy and loose and fun. 


paintings / sofa / pillows l. to r. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / coffee table


got any plans for the weekend?

here's a pretty awesome blog for you to check out- closet visit.

 say goodbye to a few hours. 


also, i am working on getting my shop ready for prints

it's taken me forever to get it all together because uploading framing options and getting the literature right takes a loooong time. i'm new to selling stretched canvas prints and i want to make sure i choose the most amazing option for you. 


look for those to be ready today or tomorrow. 


also this:

i mean a "puckered love cave" is a butthole, right?

i never read it so i can't be sure.

i WANT to read it based on that paragraph though.