pretty cool weekend here. 

dinner, drinks, rerun of christmas downton, the perfect scrambled eggs, sleeping in. 

that's all a lady could ask for. 




this stuff!

it's called RMS beauty "un" cover up, shade #11.

it is so awesome. 

it's sheer.  i think the older you get the lighter your hand should be with foundation and concealer. this stuff goes on like the smoothest, creamiest foundation and delivers even skin tone, sheer coverage and a glow. 

you can see it on my face here

i dab it on in a smear with my finger under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, around the creases of my nose, chin, jaw line and 3 smears across my forehead. it basically looks like warpaint. 

i then take this brush and glide it over all the smears until it disappears into my skin. 

it's made with coconut oil so it really sinks in effortlessly.

it's also buildable so you can add more to the places you need it. for this i just use my fingers and pat it in. 

i am dying to add this to the mix.


anyone else out there tried it?

i really do love it. 


if you need more convincing watch this


UPDATE- i've had a request for the eyeshadow i am wearing so here it is:

i use the lorac pro palette in sable to line. then use a mix of sable, espresso and taupe in the crease. then marc jacobs twinkle pop eye stick in au revoir on the lid. i do the liner first, then the lid, then the crease and blend blend blend. 

i put this stuff on the waterline.  (in the nude)