hi we are back from vacation. 

it was mostly good. some of it really not good. but that's due to maybe not considering our girl and how she wouldn't even ride the baby-est of rides making me rethink my aptitude as an in-touch mom. 

let's just say we spent a WHOLE lot of money to walk around in the heat pointing at things, explaining rides from our best memory of them. 

we didn't even go to universal which we had planned, instead we stayed at the hotel and swam.  by far her favorite. 

note to self: next time vacation at a hotel with a pool ANYWHERE USA.


anyway here are some snaps of our trip..


Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 9.13.30 AM.png

the plane is the scariest ride of all in my opinion.


our first stop was magic kingdom.

we rode 3 things and got the hell out of there. 

i'll give you one guess where....


if you guessed alcoholand you're right.

it's located in epcot and it's the BEST attraction.


florida wins at clouds.


we stayed to watch the fireworks that first night at epcot and managed to have a lot of fun really. once we realized that rides weren't going to be our thing we just sat around and goofed off.  we are all running on fumes here. 


 face paint is a real mood lifter. 


i might have been drunk but this was supremely awesome.


we met up with some friends on sunday and had dinner.


after dinner we went back to the pool and swam til late.

this was the best part for fiona. swimming in the pool. i tell you..i am not a pool person. not even the tiniest bit. i hate sitting in the sun and chlorine is not friendly to my processed hair but if she is happy, i am happy. 


mike and i love disney. we've been so many times, even got engaged there. but my only child needs a buddy in these places. it's something that i previously suspected and have now fully realized. live and learn i guess.