having a successful weekend is how you win on a monday

real smart tips for a successful weekend:


you book a short but sweet vacation to disney. 

you convince your 10 year old daughter to watch 1985's jem and the holograms.

(she has been binge watching ever since)

you plant 1 entire bed of corn because CORN!

you buy yourself a fanny pack-oops-i mean BELT BAG for disney because you just don't give a shit.

you drink enough rose to sustain a lady brunch.

you spend quality time with your husband on the porch talking about all the food you're gonna eat in disney.

you make brownies for your kid's teacher appreciation week and keep one for yourself.

here you win because having an entire pan of brownies is most definitely NOT winning. don't worry, the one i kept is the size of my face.


how was your weekend successful?