a grade A anaconda hug goes out to each of you for leaving such supportive and uplifting comments yesterday. i will address all of them personally. i encourage you all to read the comments if you haven't. they are universally uplifting if you ask me. 

bright landscape

24 x 30 canvas

the truth is i felt a great sense of relief after writing that. it's been on my mind a while now to address it. i am obviously not the only person affected by those sites. and i really don't get half of the defamatory and abusive comments that some of those people get on there on a literal minute by minute basis.  so my wish is that at least one person reading my post yesterday will think twice before gossiping or being nasty. occurred to me that i actually like writing. and i like pushing boundaries and i like being me and i don't like being afraid to be me. so i am going to try and make that effort more often. just writing and relating. 

so thanks. 

beach landscape

18 x 36 canvas


new paintings available here


fiona leaves for summer camp on sunday and i am shitting myself with sadness. 

like i want her to go so so bad but my mom heart is breaking into a million pieces.

for so many reasons, least of all that i will just miss her. 

UGH. and i'm driving her there. to north carolina. by myself. 

i have a big ol' psycho camp sad camp happy post brewing in me for monday.


send me your xanax.