friday links

i've had more time on my hands this summer. what can i say? 

here are the fruits of my labor..


1. tiny bedrooms (above). i think mine could have made this list. 


2. have a shit load of basil? make this pesto. it's made with pecans not pine nuts and i prefer it. 

warning: the color isn't as pretty as traditional pesto. 


3.  tips for traveling internationally with only a carry on. THIS!! i am so guilty of doing all the opposite of these things. you need this. it's a game changer.


4.  have you seen this? it's heartbreaking and proof that the internet is in serious need of some rules. people are cunts. i'd like to think and hope that the majority of these dicks are young and will grow out of it or learn a valuable lesson at some point that it's not OK to insult people. 


5.  on a lighter note....this blog is funny truth. 


6. because i officially have my nana's boobs i can't wear this dress. but if you have NORMAL boobs please get this dress and wear it because it is cute AF.


and finally in updates..

my chemex coffee filters came and with the coarser grind coffee and i can officially say i prefer the chemex coffee to any other coffee i've dranked. 

do it.  here and here


ok thanks bye.