friday. hi.

some things..


1. our dog. 

we got a dog and then we gave the dog back.

it's not my favorite thing. but the truth is that he terrorized our cats. and that is simply a deal breaker for us. not to mention he came from a foster family who had 3 other dogs and i am 100% sure the foster family's situation was HIS favorite thing. the good news is his foster mommy loved him like whoa so it's not like we sent him back to his death. 

he just wasn't the dog for us.

even fiona was all...."mmm...i don't like this dog". 

i actually really liked him a lot. he was a cuddle face and took to me most. he followed me everywhere until i scooped him up and put him in a dog seat in my left arm. he would literally close his eyes and just chill there. 

oddly enough our 17 yo cat, who we thought would suffer most by the new addition, was, but i am going to shit in this corner for a while. 

however our girl cat didn't show up to the house for 2 days. i felt like an asshole betrayer. 

when we took the dog back he seemed happier to be with his dog friends so no one felt sad. so you shouldn't either. 


2. please make it stop. 

dear pinterest,

i take my pins very seriously. i don't like ugly pins on my pinterest home page. i CHOOSE who to follow bc i like their pins. they have good taste, like me. i don't need the 'picked for you'  ads with WORDS IN SHITTY FONTS all over my home page. plus, for every 'picked for you' ad that litters my page that is one less pin for me that might blow my mind. and i tried the blocking thing. it doesn't work. because i still get fabletics ads all day long and i've blocked them. twice. i've also clicked 'hide pin' and while it removes it immediately it doesn't stop it indefinitely. and i don't have the time or patience to 'hide pin' all of the 'picked for you' ads that pop up all over my page. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate you for this pinterest. 

like for real, can i fix this?



3. this inner thigh workout.

it's a good one. hard. 


4. new irises.



have a safe and fun 4th americans.