summer to fall dresses

i discovered this new to me brand via sarah swanson's instagram. follow her follow her blog. she's the sweetest.  

aritzia. ya heard?

the clothes are simple and clean looking with an exactly right price point. 

i want about 86% of their dresses. 

no joke, the baggy, shapeless shift cut to the cooter is totally my thing. 

i wear with booties or sneakers just like a model, which makes me a model too.


a lot of these dresses are so perfectly transitional that you can't not want them. 

bare legs now, leggings or tights later. 



cute right? so many more right here.

and don't get me started on the t-shirts

check out this 70's edit too. want everything. 


(in reality i'll bet they're not cooter skimming on regular people, just 6 foot tall models.)


i'd wear it either way. bye.