the weekend

went to the alex katz exhibit at the high museum. what a treat. 


a cool plate sculpture at the high's restaurant. 


i see you ponce city market. open already. i await your food porn



tomatoes and figs. tomatoes and figs. tomatoes and figs


there is a really old pool (1960's) hidden and secret in hapeville georgia that friends are members of. there is hardly anyone ever there. no frills. just a big, wet square with a diving board. it takes me back. 


saturday night was dinner and drinks with a pal at the king and duke.

there were perfectly crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside yorkshire puddings with soft butter being passed around and they were the best things i've ever put in my mouth. or maybe it's because i don't eat bread very often because gluten makes me crampy. totally worth it.


it's the last week of summer here at anderhaus. 

it's always a weird mix of sadness and excitement.

i am so ready to get back to work. it's been nearly impossible for me to do any work this summer. and i am just ready to get back to painting.

but i'll miss my little buddy. 

it's been a great summer.