hydrea dry skin body brush

i still haven't rolled the cottage cheese away with a rolling pin. thankfully i have been a dry brusher for years. i wax and wane like any lazy ass with a penchant for sour cream and onion potato chips dipped in nutella....more waxing in summer-waning in winter. but my brush was getting worn down. too soft. i googled. i found. hydrea.

this brush is masochistic. cactus bristles and what not. i kind of love it though.

it FEELS like it's getting the job done. i don't know if it's decreasing my cheese but it is making my skin as soft as a baby's. you can see the dead skin fall off.  

fair's not for novice brushers. work your way up to this asshole. 



YSL pop water nail lacquer in rose splash

this polish is very unique and the prettiest most perfect shade of faded rose you've ever seen. 

it's sheer and looks great on nails or toes. 

lately i've had more manicures than i have had in my entire life and i noticed my nails were just stronger and appeared healthier. once the color started to chip i started applying just a base coat to keep them that way and it really worked. then i found this product. 

it's great for every day. it's also easy to do yourself. it's so sheer that mistakes are hard to spot. i truly love this and want to splurge on orange drop next.  


8" stainless steel non-stick earth pan

isn't it time you made a fucking omelet you can be proud of?

bonus points for not releasing harmful fumes and toxins while you cook. 

still don't know how to make an omelet?

this is the right way

that is the right pan. 



transferware tureens!

this is a thing. 

a beautiful thing that i have been stalking for months now. 

i don't collect anything but i feel like i should start collecting these. 

i love them. i love the way they look. i want to look at them all the time. 

see so many of them here.

my birthday is coming. 



the humble farm table. 

the more simplistic in shape the better. 

a little chunky with just enough wear and tear. like me and amy schumer. 

this one is the perfectest-

alas it is stupid expensive. 

i do not want new though and most of them on CL are too farm-y.

i am considering having it made but that will cost me too. 

so i continue to watch CL like a hawk. 

if any of my european readers want to send me one they find on the curb (they are on the curbs over there) please feel free. you pay for shipping though ok?


ok then. bye.