mind crap

1. you guys i am tormented by a pair of boots...

rachel comey carrier boot. also here in limited sizes.

they are pretty much sold out everywhere else. and if i hadn't spent my last clothes dollars

 2 days ago i would grab them! 

so you grab them and rock them on your fall person. 



2. amanda brooks has re-launched her blog.

this will be exciting to you if you

a. like amanda brooks

b. like following the lives of rich ladies who live in the english countryside.

i thoroughly enjoyed this post about her writing habits. 


3. did you know i bought a farmhouse table?

it's old and banged up and heavy and authentic and great. 

we are hosting a big thanksgiving this year and i needed a new table. this one seats 10 if you squeeze and 8 comfortably. 

the downside is that apron under the table means the chairs have to be just so in height and sans arms. 

it's always something. 



4. we need a new sofa.

our cb2 sofa is a piece.

i am thinking i could find a well made mid century sofa on craigslist and have it recovered in an affordable ikat or something. 

this is what judy aldridge did. she is remodeling her whole house using thrift store finds and documenting it on her instagram


we are headed out of town tomorrow for a wedding in savannah.

for the love of all that is good follow me on snapchat (username: mfamb) and instagram for stupid videos and pictures.