this pic is me about 1.5 hours past the point i needed to just stop.

i learned a few valuable lessons which is pretty pathetic considering i am 40+...

don't get your drunkest the night before the wedding.

seeing old friends brings out the best/worst in me. 

trying ALL the different types of wine the world has to offer isn't supersmart.

nor is smoking cigarettes when you don't smoke.

that dress was great though.  great, weighty fabric. really flattering and true to size. i got a medium.  comes in 3 colors. mine were cream. 

get it here


we stayed at the mansion on forsyth park

fantastically located in savannah. 

i was able to get up and get my shoes on for a 20 minute walk around town before i needed to go back to bed and rest up before the wedding.  (pathetic)


stuffed bird friend in the window. 

if i'd had 3 million i would have bought this place. 

still laying down. 


annie and misty. mrs. and mrs. 

they picked such a gorgeous spot and can i just say this was one of the most sweet and special weddings i have ever attended. annie (your left) is a dear, old friend and to see her LEGALLY marry the love of her life was breathtaking. 

cheers to them! 


i still managed to pose tho. 


top / pants (out of the mint color :(  ) / shoes

photo cred- me, mike, sarah baker