SO pretty.

i could plop myself down in any of these images and be good. 

that whole not-change-a-thing thing.


and now a few life updates:

remember when i posted about this and this?

i can report back that no changes for good were acquired. 

in fact- my skin broke out a ton and i am no where near less farty.  

i have taken them for nearly 3 weeks and i suspect i should have seen something awesome by now. maybe i just don't see the difference. which isn't very reassuring. 


i will say that this brush however is still the best thing that's happened to my body skin in ages. i brush my skin (up, towards the heart) every day before i exercise and my skin is as soft as a baby's. no joke. those evil little bumps on the back of my right arm? completely gone. 

cellulite visibility? markedly less. 

watch this if you're new to dry brushing. 


let's see...what else..


OH! ladies of london. 

i really just wish they'd focus on that mapperton woman and her mapperton house.

or annabelle. i want to see more of what goes into a day in her life. 

 because quite frankly it seems really fucking fantastic. 

and her fancy lady apartment. show me that andy cohen. 


i made this and encourage you to do the same. 

surely you have a few overripe bananas on your counter.

i substituted cup 4 cup all purpose GF flour and it worked a treat. 

i added a few maldon salt flakes and that was a great idea.

this was the tastiest on day 3. but still delicious on day one and 2. 


i think that's about all. ok then. bye.