where did this week even go? other than to hell in a hand basket.

 too many cool people died.

i was wrapped up at home working on commissions and new things for the shop. 

stay tuned for those. remember when i used to crank out paintings like an art machine?

so much has changed in me as an artist..i suppose i should write more about that. but the truth is it's hard. mainly when you don't really know how to put it into words and sharing too much of yourself on a blog has become kind of a scary thing. curses to that. 

what else..

oh..the food lover's cleanse has been pretty great. 

it ends on sunday for us and we've all talked about how truly awesome it's been. 

we feel better, we're being nicer to one another, we're less bloated....

we actually all agreed to continue to eat this way. 

in fact i don't even feel like i'm on a cleanse or a diet. 

that might be because wine was allowed in moderation and fruit and chocolate were on the menu. that's not exactly a goop detox. 

i met my goal of curbing my appetite and lessening the degree with which i needed to shove sugar in my mouth after every meal. 

my new favorite sugar craving treat is a date topped with almond butter topped with flake salt topped with toasted coconut. heaven i tell you. 

i think i have lost 3 lbs maybe 4. 

my skin is clearer. my hair is shinier and my attitude is better. 

i am also obsessed with chia parfaits and bowls for breakfast. 

i can't believe no one told me about this shit sooner. 

i still goes through me like a bullet but the degree of severity has lessened since my first bowl.

here are some i am excited to try:


don't let the chocolate fool you. it's not as sinful as it looks. 


it's so easy to make you guys. i think soaking overnight is pretty crucial.

but the effort it takes to do that is akin to pouring a glass of water. 


let's see....

have you seen far from the madding crowd?

it was on yesterday while i was eating my DELICIOUS leftovers and i couldn't stop watching it.

completely breathtaking and extremely romantic. 

has anyone read the book? i want to. 


welp. that's about all there is fit to print. 


have a great weekend.