here's some gold and money for you

you wish. actually i do too. i mean i wish i could give you that because in my mind it's about the only thing that i can think of that would make today worth living. 

ok, that's dramatic and not at all true.

but today is the end. the end of christmas for real. the end of the holidays for a long time. 

the day that it seems to just get colder and harder to breathe. 

the day your body seems to double in size. the day your period probably starts. the day your bank account is wearing fingerless gloves and holding out a tin cup. 


 but...crappiness aside, i'd say this was the best holiday yet at anderhaus. 

everyone had a banner christmas. we celebrated big and hard. we ate all the things. drank all the things. played games. lit holiday candles. watched holiday shit. smelled pine every morning. ate some more things. baked some things and ate those too. spent a lot of time with friends and family. ate them too. 

so i guess the sadness and anger of going back to daily non-holiday life really can only come if you lived your time away to the best of your ability. if you took full advantage of your vacation. so to that end totally worth this monday misery. 




in other news...

we've been watching making a murderer and are only on episode 4 but crap it is good. 

entertainment value is as high as it gets. 

i recommend it along with half the world. 



i think i'm going to do this in some variation. 

the variation that includes wine. 


who's with me?

let's go 2016!!