eating right with extra pooping

i went hard in december so i feel like i need to reset my body. 

some might call it a detox or a cleanse. we think those words are kind of stupid. 

i'm calling it "eating right with extra pooping". 

"who doesn't want that?!" - ina


we are on day 5 here at anderhaus. 

i say "we" fairly loosely as mike and fiona are only following the dinner portion of the program. 

 i am referring to the bon appetit yearly food lover's cleanse.

not to be confused with the goop detox which is good but not delicious. 

i've done both and goop leaves me feeling weak and hangry. 

but goop is only 7 days whereas BA is 14. 

i guess it depends on what you need. 

i mentioned this in a previous post but i am here to kick my sugar habit. 

by force. 

here's what i've learned so far on this adventure:

1. poooooop! lots of pooping. 

like almost after everything i eat. it's glorious. just simple, TCB poops. 


2. steel cut oats + coffee = pooooooop. 


3. i didn't realize before now how below average my diet habits were.

also the food is delicious. mike and fiona can testify to that i think. 


4. i feel different, better. less rage-y. 

less sugar? less meat? i dunno. but i like it. i cussed at a LOT less people from inside my car today. 


5. i do well when i am told what to eat. it's easy for me bc as a mom who also works, planning meals is not fun and feels like an extra job. we tend to eat much of the same and it always boils down to comfort food. which isn't always the healthiest. i.e. burgers, spaghetti, roast meats...etc...vegetables are there but they tend to be an afterthought. 


6. when i put dessert on the table (in this case desserts were/are delicious fruit concoctions and on some nights- chocolate!) fiona doesn't fuss one bit about the food. i guess knowing there is a pot of gold at the end is enough to distract her. 


7. who knew chia pudding was so fucking delicious?!

*update - who knew chia pudding could cause a poop'slposion?! good lord. take heed. 


8. i am scared that after this is over i will go back to eating crappy. 

so i ordered this.

i figure if i just keep eating like this it will become habit? 


i've been going to the store every 3 days for a 3 day supply. there are clams and scallops this week which i will pop in the day of and get but it's been pretty great to have a mile long list and just check it all off, knowing that breakfast, lunch and dinner are done for me. 

i just refer to my print out of recipes several times a day and remember to check on the next day's breakfast as some of the breakfast recipes are make the night before. 


if there is a con to this "cleanse" it would be that it's my personal belief that it helps to have some know-how in the kitchen. 

it's a lot of dinner prep. not a lot for each recipe so to speak, but just to get all foods on the table at once can be frazzling for some people. 

my tips: read ahead. make sure you have everything in place and ready to go. do your dessert first and set it aside. it's either cut fruit or a chocolate bark that you can make the day before or several hours. 


other than that i think because the food is so yummy you really don't feel like you are doing anything other than eating right.  it's thoughtful eating. 

also- i still have coffee every morning and if i feel like it a glass of wine. glass and a half. some nights i just haven't wanted it. (SHOCKING)

and some nights i have totally craved it. 


ok then. 

who's doing it? what do you have to report?

i'm curious about your poops. did the chia empty your butt like a virus?