kitchen of the day + thoughts

sorry to go m.i.a. for an entire week.

i was in knoxville shooting a murder/crime re-enactment show. 

it's called murder comes to town and i've never heard of it. but i think it comes on the crime channel or some such thing. i'll keep you posted on that once i know more. 

anyway...i left my suitcase at home and thus my computer which was tucked inside.

so there i was all alone in my hotel with the election shits and no computer to keep my heart from exploding. 


and like, whoa. 

just like you my emotions are all over the place. and i need time to process (forget) how shitty things are about to become. 

let's just keep on loving each other as humans. not as separate races (there's only one race...don't forget) and not as black, white, gay, straight or anything in between. 

keep marriage equal. keep abortion legal. let's have a supreme court that is equal parts conservative and liberal so that they may educate each other. don't throw away obamacare, make it better. keep religion out of politics and for fuck's sake keep mike pence out of all of it. 


kitchen via william mclure and one king's lane