i can't be alone in my urge to purge and organize every area of my house since the end of the world happened. 

my friend anne told me she woke up on november 10th and began cleaning out her basement. 

and so it begins...i have a long overdue come to jesus with my mess of a closet.

here's a little closet inspo for you. 



it's not about fancy for me. it's about using every inch of space in the best way possible. 

i love and need a shoe shelf. i can't see my shoes. i forget i have shoes.

and i am a stacker...i throw it all on an upper shelf. virtually everything. so taking this into consideration means i need a lower shelf for my stack-n-throw technique. 

i may as well embrace my laziness and figure out a way to make it easier to reach said items. these are typically the most worn items of the season so it stands to reason that i would need them at arms reach. 

that way under-worn items stay nice and neat and not mixed in with my most frequently used garments (i.e. 2 fave pairs of jeans, softest and comfiest sweaters). 

i have what is referred to as a step in closet. i think. not quite walk in not exactly reach in.

i need:

- shoe shelf!! i like the version in pic #6. it needs to be tall and narrow rather than short and stout (that's what she said). 


- a short dresser...that i can use the top for my F.W.I's (frequently worn items) but also use the drawers for bras and such. this is fun:



- dividers for sweaters and jeans. these can be cubes or some such similar thing. thoughts?


- good lighting. i'll take this one:



but i can afford this one:


- wallpaper! it's such a small space i think i could swing it. plus i think it would make me happiest. and they make some really great removable wallpapers these days. 


this one is at the top of my list:


i loves this one too. 


i already have great hangers. a good looking, practical and durable rug and some super great baskets. 


any advice for me before i do something really stupid?