this morning as i lay in bed waiting for my alarm to go off i was wracking my brain trying to come up with the other word for spring.

i was convinced there were two words for spring...like fall and autumn.

i thought i was going all still alice. 

i got up and googled. to my relief there is no other word for spring (not in english anyway). but then i thought that there needed to be and then that got an interior monologue going of non-sensical words like...

pluiesse, polleneden, beebloom, vernum, seederling, tuberance and bulbadill.

and then colors popped in my head. and then clothes, specifically gucci's latest. (i'm truly obsessed with everything)....also reesey eggs popped in my head which is far more dangerous than shoes. 

interiors via AD espana.

clothes via gucci.

blouse, shoes, dress, sweater