many things

couple of things went through my mind while watching...

bruno mars dances good. 

coldplay is boring.

beyonce pretty. 

have beyonce and chris martin made out?

have bruno mars and chris martin made out?

how much did beyonce get paid?

how much less than beyonce did everyone else get paid?



this bathroom reminds me of mine so i am wallpapering it. 

with this



i'm heading to santa fe in a few months for a long weekend and feel like i should look like this

pretty much ulla johnson's entire spring collection would work.





with these..

i intend to go and channel my inner georgia o'keeffe, see the irises bloom.

sketch a few out, drink some tequila, smoke some peyote and buy some turquoise...the usual. 

probably in sweatpants and a sports bra.