you sick?

the 3 of us have managed to steer clear of anything too serious this cold and flu season (knocking on all the wood and rubbing all the crystal).

we've had mild illnesses...a few runny noses...a lazy day here or there spent chilling because a phantom bug got us like...why i feel like i want to sleep for 40 hours straight? 

but then the next day...pretty much ok. 

i have no idea why that is..i usually hit it with hot lemon water on repeat but i ain't got no science to back that up. i just know when i do that i feel better. 

that said i am pretty certain it is in huge part luck. 


but i came across this post the other day and was like i need to bookmark and share this:


i think those flu fighter cookies are a stretch but some of the recipes look like precisely what i want in front of me when i'm looking and feeling like charlie sheen. 


specifically this..


cold fighting cous cous chicken soup

i am sure you could make it gluten free and use rice or millet.

also it's super easy to put together which is exactly what you want when you're sick. 

i would recommend making a top notch bone broth ahead of time and freezing it. 

that way you not only have stock on hand but it's the best possible stock you could ever have. 

i use this recipe for stock every time and throw in a few extra chicken feet for added benefit. 


don't you go dyin on me.