i like it

while i did just get a new sofa covered in eggplant linen with hot pink dots (fabric available here) i will still always love a white sectional. 

and white sofa + blue art seems perfect right now. 


lapis facial oil- every single spring my skin acts like a teenager's. i think this is next on the list. i do love an oil. i am currently using this and it didn't knock my socks off. it's nice though. 


coco rose body polish- now is as good a time as any to prep your skin for bare arms and legs. 

in fact it's the best time. follow up with this self tanner which, as far as self tanners go, is worth its weight in gold. 


wildflower platter- this is just delightful. expensive but something i think you'd keep and hand down.

take a look at it up close. really something special.


simone rocha scuba rose clutch- this couldn't be more feminine if it was shaped like a vagina. 


a jumpsuit for a lady- this looks like a woman but acts like a man? i dunno. i like it though. 

i like the idea of overalls without shirts but i am not 24 and i am not one of dexys' midnight runners. 

also available here


surratt artistique shadow in greige 10- the holy grail of the smoky eye. it's a wet dry formula which is precisely the best type of shadow for a smoky eye. enchantresse 23 for a traditional smoky eye. 


treat yourself.