kitchen of the day

the whole house, decorated by rita konig, is in elle decor and it'll make you miss the old domino. 

speaking of....the new domino (spring issue) is the old domino. so there's that. 

 i wish i had a power sprayer because i'd hose down my whole kitchen with a can of white emulsion.

floors are farrow and ball pavilion gray


today was the day that daylight savings got me.

i was practically unconscious when my alarm went off this morning. 

i spent just under 7 hours yesterday packaging all the paintings from my instagram sale.

and i am still not done. i actually ran out of tubes and had to order more. i will be taking packages in spurts to the post office over the next week so if you ordered a few paintings and only one shows up, fear not. it just means the other one didn't leave at the same time. 

and if you didn't order anything...i'm sorry i keep talking about this. 

also it doesn't feel like wednesday it feels like a made up day of the week...greunsday (pronounced 'groonsday')- that weird day between wednesday and thursday .

i can't decide between hillary and bernie. who else is having trouble? it's never been this hard before.

moreover it's gardening season and i feel like i need to build this

and lastly this has been on repeat and you won't hear anything fresher.