product discoveries

charlotte tilbury multi miracle glow cleansing balm

i bought some of her eyes to mesmerize (this one) and selected some samples at checkout.

in those samples was that cleansing balm up there and let me tell you....

amazing. it works as a cleanser, a mask and a moisturizer. which is legit product crushing. 

you can use to cleanse as you would any cleanser or you can use it as a facial massage cream using upward strokes and effleurage and then rinse off. 

you can also use it as an overnight mask. also works to massage cuticles, elbows and anywhere you need a little extra moisture. it made my skin so soft. i ordered it pretty much immediately.

ok yes. magic. i give it to her. 

also a sample. and wow.

plumped up my skin instantly and gave me a crazy glow. 

i massaged it in using her massaging techniques and was really impressed...

also impressed? 

the eye cream.

another sample. i haven't purchased yet, but it's next in line (slow your roll money bags). it definitely plumped the area around my eyes. completely without a doubt noticeable difference. 


these products feel amazing. gold stars all around. 




i went to the dermatologist this week and discovered some things.

retin-a, for starters. i've used it twice but i have high hopes. 

anyone out there tell me what i can expect?

i've googled but that's never a good idea. 

i was told i needed to use it for a month and then to schedule a treatment to remove sun damage spots and then a VIpeel. i was also told i might not want to schedule any public appearances during that time. 

i was also told i could use a little botox around my eyes. rude.

ok, i asked. but still....RUDE. 

he also told me he thought my skin was over-moisturized. OVER-MOISTURIZED!!!??? well i never!

i assured him that that wasn't always the case but that i had on my charlotte tilbury magic cream so i was extra glow-y. he said that your skin should flake a little to bring all the nasty shit to the surface which will aid in getting rid of sun damage when you embark on those laser treatments and peels. anyway...something to that degree. so retin-a to the rescue.

i'd love to know all the things that you know regarding these matters. 

spill it!