kitchen of the day

first of all it is entirely possible i've posted this kitchen before. 

i know i've gazed upon it's fresh summer whiteness before, loving the shit out of it and therefore it stands to reason that it has been featured on a kitchen of the day post. 

it just seemed to fit my ever changing dream kitchen model the most right now. 

open, WHITE AF, lighting to inspire, mirrors, galley, table involvement...

i love the wood floors for sure but i could really get behind some fancy tiles in there too. 

the whole home is featured here.

and remodelista did a steal this look recently here

it is of course designed by one of my all time favorites- rose uniacke. who's work you can tingle over here


other news:

i haven't noticed a great deal of anything with the retin-a...other than i seem to be a tad shinier (which is dangerous ground bc i am already pretty shiny), a few cracked red spots under my nose (horrible looking) and the corner of my mouth (also not cute). i was expecting to peel like panama city beach circa 1994. is the best yet to come? am i doing exactly what some of you said not to do....being impatient?


also- obsessed with broad city. sometimes it takes me a while to commit to the show everyone talks about. i think it's because i fear i will be the one who hates it the most. 

this time the audience is right. i can't stop. 

you can binge watch on hulu. 


 hope you all had a great easter. you'll all be very disappointed in me...

i have had ZERO candy. ZERO! 

happy monday.

go get shit!