deez blogs

lately i have been way more into fashion blogs than design blogs. that could be attributed to the lack of design blogs out there giving me life. 

here are a few of my favorites..


5 inch and up is one of the fashion blogs i've been reading the longest. sandra hagelstam is a total babe and posts frequently. if i'm looking for sexy cool outfit inspiration she's my first choice. 


if i could pick one fashion blogger's closet to raid it would be pernille teisbaek's. 

her style is closest to my own. casual, edgy mixed with a bit of sexy. she could make flip flops and socks look cool. #goals.


sara escudero of collage vintage is the most adorable fashion blogger in existence and her style is too. 

she wears a great mix of high and low and does it effortlessly. 

but it's her fashion week street style round-ups i live for. 



le catch is my #1 go to for outfit ideas. 

marlien rentmeester posts every day, sometimes more than once and it's blog reading that doesn't requiring a tremendous amount of time. 

it's like..."look at this sweater with buttons and fringe, isn't it cute?

buy it here. or similar here here and here..."

kind of a thing.

also a great mix of high and low.  plus she really does find several versions of the same thing at all price points. 



luxury shoppers is relatively new to me and a lot like le catch only way more intense.

it's truly like having a personal shopper in your back pocket. 

the collages are amazing. 

it'll make you want everything. 



got any favorites you'd like to share?