probably not your favorite and definitely not my best

hey buttholes. just kidding i'm the butthole here. 

no post in 6 days? 

that might be a personal record. 

so what's new?


i've really been into this oprah quote...


truth is i have been into quotes in general...


that one really hit me hard in the face. 


also this one..



this one i put into action. 

and let me tell an artist there is nothing more empowering than making art that you aren't judging yourself. 

i have had a lot of fun with this 100 day project. 

lack of personal judgement has helped me to open doors in my own mind.

i've explored watercolors, shapes and's been pretty awesome. 


so much more to come.


what else...

let me take a second to talk about retin-A. 

everyone said give it a month. 

 i've given it nearly 3 and i can't say anything great is happening.

if anything it's brought out more sun damage and wrinkles!! 

what's up with that? 

i think this is the time when i go and stick my face in a vat of acid, right?

a peel?


also botox. i'm on board.