sharing some secrets

just a few things i have either recently discovered and love or a tried and true something or other...

1. annie bing tassel dress. i am a million percent sure i'd wear this every day. so cute. so versatile. it's on my list. 


2. tracy anderson protein bars. i have been a think thin girl for years. i take a chunk off when i'm hungry between breakfast and lunch. TA's bars are my new favorite. more protein so i can go longer between meals sometimes skipping lunch entirely or allowing for a lighter lunch because i am not starving. and super tasty. they sell out fast so buy them when you see them. available at target. 

3. charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerize. could not love these more. i bought marie antoinette off of another's recommendation and loved it so much i bought mona lisa. marie antoinette is a shimmery, melty gold and mona lisa is a shimmery, melty chocolate lilac. they go on like a cream but set up like a powder. only they are neither powdery or creamy. totally magic i swear. 


4. i get a lot of requests for skin care secrets. i think my main secret isn't so much skin care as it is makeup skill. i use a combination of foundation. 

first up is moisturizer. i use charlotte tilbury magic cream. it's phenomenal. 

i ALWAYS apply foundation RIGHT after i apply moisturizer. 

it goes on so much easier and you end up using about 60% less than you would if your skin wasn't so greased up. 

for the foundation i use a combination of glossier's skin perfecting tint in light and chanel's lift lumiere in ivoire (looks a lot lighter in the photo than it is in reality)

my formula for daytime is about 5 drops of the glossier and 1 small pump of the chanel on the back of my hand. i mix them together with my fingers and apply with my fingers. i start on the bridge of my nose and work my way outward toward my hair line. i focus on areas where i need coverage most: under my eyes, chin, around my nose, sun spots etc...once it's applied i use a foundation brush to blend it in and make sure there are no streaks. 

for nighttime i just use a a bigger pump of the chanel and 3 drops of the glossier. 

the chanel is heavier coverage and the glossier is very sheer. but awesome. 

i do not use under eye concealer. i find with this combo i really don't need it. 

i finish everything off with a little cle de peau concealer in beige on spots. it's the best concealer i've ever used. totally deserving of it's cult following and it's price tag. 

that's really it. that's the basis for my "gorgeous skin". it's all trickery. sometimes i'll use a little luminizer around the cheekbones, eyebrow bone, cupid's bow and bridge of nose. but less so in summer. 

the ones i use are rms living luminizer and guerlain's meteorites baby glow. the latter is technically a foundation but it's WAY too crazy to use as a foundation imo. sometimes i just add a tiny drop to my "foundation formula". other times i dab a bit on those aforementioned glow spots. if you use it that way you will probably never run out. a little goes a REALLY long way. would be great to use on shoulders and decollete too. 


5. another recent discovery and purchase is the glossier boy brow. this stuff is awesome. 

it sells out fast so snatch it up while it's in stock. i use blonde and it's pretty dark. i daresay this product is perfect. 

btw the skin perfecting tint sells out fast too. get on the mailing list so you know when it becomes available. i will never be wo it. it's that awesome. 


6. gap cotton swing tank. i know it's hard to get excited about a t shirt, especially one with giant gaping arm holes. but this t shirt is the greatest workout shirt that ever existed. hands down. buy them all. 


8. c. booth foaming dry body polish and cleanser. this stuff is 7 bucks. and it's awesome!

it's like washing your body with subtly lemon-scented sand that foams up. 


9. me! bath summer rain shower sherbet. i KNOW. but trust. a lime green sugar scrub that does the job. smells really good too. you can't have too many scrubs. i alternate. doesn't everyone?