met gala

this year was the first year i knew that each year the met gala has a theme. 

that explains a lot. 

that said, this year's theme was "manus x machina- fashion in an age of technology"

which further explains why there was so much metallic shit and mirrored shit and dresses with built in lighting. 


i also hated a lot of it. 


here are my favorites..


gigi hadid in tommy hilfiger

look, a LOT of people were wearing mirrored/metallic looks, and after a while all those ladies started looking the same. gigi's stood out a little bit more, perhaps bc it was such a dark gray mixed with a bit of shiny. 

either way she looks stunning but she looks pretty stunning in everything. 

def cutest couple. 


the queen wore latex givenchy.

she could wear a doo doo dress and people would be like...ooooooh!! doo doo!!!

the smile is everything. 

also this..




dakota johnson in gucci

i am probably the only person who liked this. but i did. a lot. 

she is always really cool and pretty and it never looks like she tries hard. 


kristin stewart in chanel


i think she is perfection. 


sienna miller in gucci

as far as i can tell the only gold metallic dress of the night. 

she looks really really pretty. soft and pretty. 



poppy delevigne in marchesa

amazing. head to toe. 


zendaya in michael kors collection

i think this was my favorite!!! i'm not exactly sure why other than that dress fits her like a glove and i am obsessed with her hair. the whole thing is futuristic and strange and beautiful. 


least favorites..


sjp in monse

i'm all for fashion risks and shit but i just don't get this at all. 

top marks for her hair tho.



alicia vikander in louis vuitton

it's just not cute. period.

or flattering. or memorable. 

taylor swift in louis vuitton

i love the shoes. and i don't hate the dress. but i don't like any of it on her. 

i also don't love her with that single process blonde. 


mary kate and ashley olsen in who knows? bea arthur's closet collection? 

why do these 2 even bother going?

also why do they always pose like they have social anxiety issues?

stay home!!!! 


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