get ready for another flash sale

in the days before the internet this type of thing would be something like a sample sale....or a studio sale. but having an in person sale would require me to take out the garbage and clean the toilets. 

so i will just stick to the internet. 

instagram to be exact. all the cool kids are doing it.


this thursday. 

that's tomorrow.

noon EST.

i am selling off a handful of canvases (about 20).

they range in size and they will vary in price but rest assured they will be deeply discounted.

shipping cannot be discounted but i will offer you the option of shipping it whole or off the stretchers which is infinitely less expensive (for the larger pieces only).

all shipping details will be worked out via email and shipping will be invoiced separately and at time of shipment. 


here are a few of what's up for grabs...



30 x 30

blue foot

40 x 40

bright landscape

24 x 30


30 x 40

young magic

30 x 40

summer house

24 x 24

so follow me on instagram for the sale and the details on how it works. 


see you tomorrow!!