friday finds

the gardens at wollerton old hall are worth your attention. have a browse. 

i am still finding it difficult to believe this morning that england is no longer a part of the eu.

nothing about that decision feels right to me. 


but if you're feeling sad about it you should definitely watch this to cheer you up. (you should watch it anyway)


i love, love, love, love, love this cleansing balm. completely dissolves makeup. leaves the softest skin evah. also available here.


this instagram. dead.  


these beach blankets are a steal. i like this one and this one


best tumblr ever. 


i've been on a pimms bender lately. i mostly follow this recipe. only my condiments of choice are 2 thinly sliced pieces of cucumber, 2 thinly sliced pieces of strawberry, and 1 basil leaf (or a few mint leaves) squeezed with my fingers (self muddling).

i use fever tree brand ginger ale and about 2 1/2 ounces of pimms per drink. trust me. 


that's about all i have. 

have an awesome weekend!