friday links

hi friends. 

sorry to be no posty all week. 

this new school schedule (earlier wake up times and longer drive times) is taking some getting used to. as it is now i don't have time to post first thing in the morning. 

which is why no posty. this new schedule is also cutting into my morning poop time and we all know how much that sucks. 

but it will all smooth out in a few weeks. 

i am very much looking forward to spending some quality time painting.

i am in awe of the image above and that serious ocd paint cup situation.

that's dedication people. 


i have heard really really great things about this woman's skincare line. i aim to put it to the test in the near future.  (remind me to tell you about the restylane i got under my eyes that they are still in the process of dissolving bc it never dispersed, rather pooled like bags under my under eye. rather than actually under my eye. fun times.)


have you moms heard of rockets of awesome?

you fill out a questionnaire about your kid's style and likes and whatnots and they send you 12 outfits. you pay for what you keep. i signed fiona up bc she is the world's fussiest clothes wearer. shopping with her is my least favorite thing in the world. once you are able to give feedback about the items they send (what works and what doesn't) then they can begin to really tune into what your kid wants etc...  

from their site:


We are a team of moms, dads, aunts, and uncles. We’re inspired by our amazing and picky kids, but (we’re not going to lie) shopping for them is a never-ending chore. We’re done with endless scrolling and dressing room drama. It’s 2016 — you can call a car or get groceries delivered to you with a click, so why isn’t shopping for kids the same? Don’t worry, we’ve figured it out, and we’re pretty sure it could change your life.


We are reimagining how parents shop for kids. And it’s basically the future. No, we don’t use hoverboards, but we do use algorithms which are just as cool. Based on what your kids like and don’t like, we design and hand-pick high quality clothes and send them to you free of charge four times a year. If there’s something you don’t like, it’s okay! Tell us. There’s no such thing as TMI. The more feedback you give us, the more personalized your experience becomes. We’re here to make your life easier. And we mean it. That’s our idea of awesome.


Our designers create on-trend pieces kids (sizes 2-14) can wear everyday. Of course, while style is important, we know daily adventures are a must, so we made sure each piece is soft, comfy, and made from lasting fabrics. Everything is easily mixed and matched and under $40.


so....SIGN UP!!


this sounds really delicious. 


speaking of delicious....fiona's new fancy lunches this week have come back completely devoured. which if you know my kid is really saying something. 

the menu this week was this, this, this and this


really really really want to buy this


and finally...perhaps my favorite thing all week

the house, her voice, her face, the house, the music..the house. 


have a great weekend you guys.