fall prep

 it's never too early for a little seasonal change inspiration shopping? 


sometimes it's just one new thing that can inspire an entire house cleaning. or at least the room the new thing is intended for...


kitchen looking sad? prop this beautiful teak cutting board against a wall you will be sure to see when you walk in. and then use it! watch it age beautifully. (go for the large!)


i have taken to using my good wine glasses because i have broken all my cheap wineglasses. enter the shatterproof wine glass. seriously these were made for my klutzy ass. (set of 4 only $28!)


it is still really hot here in georgia and we likely won't see fall temps until late october and yet as soon as that first cool breeze hits i will be outside with my too warm red wine. 

and ice is just not ok in red wine you damn grandma. so let's all stop looking like assholes and put some wine cooling beads in our glass instead. 


did you know throwing an ounce of this elderflower and rose presse into your gin and tonic will make it even more delicious? 


i have always loved lanterns on a porch. i think they're so impactful and you can't kill them. 

these are tall, sexy and somewhat reasonably priced. i think if you splurged on a pair you would never regret doing so. 


a candle drawer?? i'm in. i am 100% obsessed with creating my own. 

starting with a healthy supply of beeswax candles.


and yes, this candle sticky stuff works. i have some odd shaped vintage candlesticks and no actual candle i have found fits them. so i shave a little off the end and add some of this goop and stick they do. 


can we all just agree that this biergarten table is cute? 


i really don't even know if it's pumpkin planting season but the idea that all i have to do is put this bag in the ground and come october i will have monster pumpkins is really enticing. 


one of these small lemon cypress topiaries is coming home with me. and if i was sure that my cats wouldn't eat or climb a large one i'd get one of those instead for the floor just to the left of my front door. 


i think this rolling log basket is genius and adorable. 


and just a really delightful, well sized, well priced fire pit for a small outdoor space.