friday links

live in atlanta?

come see me playing cersei lannister in a game of thrones parody sketch show tonight at 9pm. 

go here for more info. 

should be really stupid in the best possible way. 


5 steps to cleaning out your closet for fall. i desperately need professional help in my closet. 

i called california closets but that shit is expensive. i'm not counting it out but i'd love to hear from you all if you've worked with them before and what your experience was. or if you have other closet buildout tips. the fact of the matter is i need less help in the clearing and organizing department and more help with spacial issues. 


i am so ready to give this a go. anyone out there already on board?

my plastic surgeon (the one who gave me fillers) wants to charge nearly 4k for 3 sessions. i'm like...i could get perky new boobs for that price. 


you can't tell me you don't want to faceplant this.  


and maybe less of a faceplant situation....more of a this is what i need to do with zucchini situation. 


i don't typically have people asking me for social media advice as i don't have the followers in the 10k and over range though occasionally i am asked. but moreover i am asked for design help, free paintings or deeply discounted paintings...etc. and this article addresses these awkward sitches. 


i'd like to go here for labor day and stay for a week. isn't it adorable? 

this one would do nicely too.


radiance boosting powder for the face? it isn't what you think and i am very intrigued.  


i'm not really a big fan of yarn-y wall hangings. but this one is sorta cute and i know so many people love the wall yarn things. 


and finally...

i want to make this for no other reason than it is beautiful and looks like an exercise in zen.

i may eat it. may not. definitely watch the video. 


have a wonderful weekend.