new product round-up

sharing some new faves here...


1. ouai treatment mask -  this stuff has made my hair better. period. i looove it. it smells really good too. makes me totally willing to jump in and try all her other stuff. 

 i couldn't recommend this more for softer, bouncier, shinier hair. 


2. algenist genius ultimate anti-aging melting cleanser - sort of an oil meets a balm. it's super luxurious, removes every trace of make-up and smells great. also gives good glow. 


3.  peter thomas roth glycolic acid 10 percent toning complex clarifying toner - total game changer. i feel like it's a gentler version of p50. it helps minimize fine lines and shrink pores. which is basically my main face peeve. you could park a car in my pores. 


4. peter thomas roth camu camu vitamin c skin brightening moisturizer- for the first time in my life i have noticed fading of sun spots using an over the counter product. i didn't even buy it for that...but a few weeks after using it...there it sun damage had faded. it also brightened and evened out my skin tone. i really and truly noticed results after a week and gradually more after 2. it's SUPER rich and you need a tiny amount. but i tend to be oily so if you are dry you will probably love the richness of it. i have to sometimes cut it with a spritz of rosewater. 


5. alba botanica firming espresso body scrub - here's your cheap find of the day. i was out of my favorite body scrub and went into target to buy it but they were out. so i picked up this based solely on the fact that it was the only one whose smell didn't make me hurl. and i have to tell you my skin was 100% tighter looking and feeling with reduced cellulite. you have to try it. 


6. glossier stretch concealer - this stuff is awesome. i am a huge fan of glossier, in that i've loved everything i've tried. plus they send you stickers when you order something.

the older i get the lighter my concealer application needs to be. and i have like, 8 concealers that i use for different reasons/skin conditions/days. i could seriously do a whole post on concealers.

the glossier stretch concealer (i use light) is really really great for under eyes. it's so light and creamy and spreadable which means the coverage is totally buildable. 


until next time....