friday links

hi. sorry for being m.i.a. just trying to take advantage of the last days of summer. 

school officially starts on tuesday and i am scrambling to get everything organized and signed and delivered. 

one of the more ridiculous things i've committed to is a school lunch pinterest board.

fiona starts a new school this year (6th grade!!) and there is no lunch provided. except pizza days which i think are on friday when they order pizza. or perhaps i dreamed that. it's possible. 

fiona is not easy with food. she is a tween now and she hates just about anything and everything i suggest. she'd be happy eating crackers, fruit and some beef jerky. but for 5 days a week that type of lunch will get old quick. so we've decided to make the pinterest board together so that this is less about me telling her what she'll eat and more about her choosing from the pictures and making adjustments where necessary. (she hates cheese and tomatoes in any form) 

while i realize making a galette for her lunch might be overly ambitious i think it's important kids have variety and that is our number one issue over here. she isn't too keen on changes. 

and if you were wondering...yes..OH YES she will be assisting me in the kitchen with these lunches.

this is a great article on one foodie mom's own kid's lunches. (they're pretty up there on the "no way my kid would ever eat that" scale. but the message is legit.)


one of the recipes pinned on the board is avocado bread. it sounds and looks delicious. 


moving on...

i made these and they were delicious and super easy. fiona loved them too. 


homemade coffee scrub. so good for skin tone. 


this woman's bathroom is my dream. tile, giant tub, lotions and potions for days...

also she's 52 and looks 32. 


this image makes me really excited for fall weather. 


and finally...


are you watching stranger things

it's so good. 


peace out friends.