mood fall

fashion week has begun, the mornings are cooler (but that's where it ends), my cookbooks are coming out of hibernation, same goes for my gunt, she's ready to make me look 4 months pregnant at all times. i've got boots and bags on the brain- pining for this bag and these boots. (and these) in my dreams. bring on the burgundy eyeshadow and red wine at the perfect temperature. apple things and crusty things. butter things and stew things. jeans and chunky knits. tv shows and reese's peanut butter pumpkins. 


and a few friday links- 


these look ridiculous. 


how to soothe your soul with leftover potato chips


one of the many things i hate hearing or reading is "age appropriate dressing".

so when i came across this article i was like...YES! exactly. fuck that shit.