six for the home

the six:

four yellow faux mohair parsons chairs - a steal. snatch them up. if there were 6 they'd be all mine. 


mid-century space age orb lamps - these are so good. a pair too. mix them into your perhaps too feminine bedroom. 


turkish kilim pillows - good colors. 


antique vanity - i don't love the finish here but i DO love the piece itself. i'm dying for one of these actually. my make-up situation is out of control and i need something like this with drawers and shit. mostly so i can get more make-up. plus i like sitting down to do make-up. it feels really luxurious and fancy. i'd probably paint it a different color. this one is quite pretty too. and this one


black and white moroccan tagine - sadly this sold too quickly.   


curated mystery library books - because i want a library full of "curated mystery library books".